Monday, August 31, 2009

A Massive and Valuable Consignment

These pictures will show a portion of the large collection I received today from Quebec in 91 large boxes, delivered in a rented truck. The bulk of the collection is covers of the world with strength in USA and Canada. Many are connected with various space flights and rocket tests. Also first day and commercial covers and mint stamps from many countries.
Some of this will be sold in our September 2009 auction (coming soon) but it will probably be sold in several sales.
John Talman
John H. Talman Ltd.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coated/Uncoated Paper

A customer who recently purchased a lot of Unitrade #BK82c 1982 Maple Leaf issue complete booklets - coated paper - set of ten different covers. VF-NH. wrote to me:

Received set of 10 booklets 82c today. Thanks again for the fast service. Please advise how you distinguish between uncoated and coated paper. Thanks.

I replied: Thank you for your question. I keep a silver coin in my pocket – actually an 1812 bank token which is sort of a good luck charm with a hole in it. Stroke silver across the coated pane and it leaves a light dark mark. The set you have is probably marked thus if you look closely. Any piece of silver will do. Stroke it across the uncoated paper and it leaves no mark.

Best Regards,
John Talman
John H. Talman Ltd.

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