Wednesday, February 27, 2008

David Wilson Reading at the Brazen Head Pub

Last night Jean and I attended a reading of David Wilson at the Brazen Head Pub in downtown Toronto. David was reading from his new book Thomas D'Arcy McGee. Below is a picture of Jean and I with David Wilson, Professor Mairin Nic Dhiarmada, and a University of Toronto student.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

80c Peary Caribou Stamp - Scarce Perf.

Unitrade #1180c - 80c Peary Caribou - the sheet stamp comes in two different perfs. The scarcer perf. is 14.4 X 13.8 and if you have one of the 1991 Jan/June stamp packs from Canada Post, you should find an example in the pack.

John Talman

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Unitrade #BK88b - New Variety?

The 1985 34c Parliament Buildings 50c Booklet has shown up with what I think is a new variety. These booklets normally have 37 vertical perfs. and are usually 69 ½ cm high. A number exist 72 cm long and while they still have 37 vertical perfs, there is room for at least one more perf. at the bottom on the larger panes. Without the perf. the pane looks partially imperf. at bottom. Differences in pane sizes are noted on Unitrade #BK78a and 78b and 80f but not noted on #BK88b. We are selling these for $15.00 per booklet, plus shipping and taxes (for buyers in Canada)
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